Get POP. Your dog will thank you.

POP is more than just a purse. It’s the holds-it-all solution for multi-tasking pet mamas. Because pretty and practical are not mutually exclusive.

Your dog goes everywhere you do…

Which means that your dog’s stuff must go, too. But how many times have you forgotten the essentials? Dug around in your purse for the poopie bags that you swore you’d never forget ? Prayed no one was watching as your little princess left a tiny pile on the sidewalk?
It makes you feel like a bad pet parent. It kinda makes you feel like a bad person.
The struggle is real.
But we’ve got you covered with the perfect purse for pets and people.
Our trifecta of organic waxed canvas bags is proudly made in Birch Harbor, Maine – and we’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.
16 pockets keep you feelin’ on top of your game and an emergency leash takes always prepared to a whole new level.
We’ve got a color to suit every mood and match every shoe.
And the poopie bag dispenser is a stroke of genius, if we do say so ourselves.
Need it, want it, can’t live without it?
Get POP – your dog will thank you.