Traveler's Pet Owner's Purse

Traveler’s Pet Owner’s Purse
The Traveler’s Pet Owner’s Purse is a larger variation of the POP you know and love… or will love, once you get your paws on it. This holds-it-all version still features 16 pockets (8 inside, 8 out) to organize your stuff, our 3-way convertible strap that doubles as an emergency leash, and our ingenious poopie bag dispenser that fits your favorite brand of bags.
The Pet Owner’s Purse is our signature product and best-seller. This workhorse bag is the ultimate choice for savvy pet parents who make it all happen with Fido along for the ride. The water-resistant, durable waxed cotton canvas offers protection from the elements, while the waxed linen interior makes for easy clean-up. Because you clean out your bag every night, right?

The hero feature of this bag (along with the SIXTEEN super-handy pockets, a 3-way =convertible strap, and emergency leash) is the handy poopie bag dispenser. Those mortifying moments when you’re stuck on the sidewalk feeling helpless, hopeless, and 100% useless to fix your dog’s mess? Nope – not going to happen with the Pet Owner’s Purse.

Our Pet Owner’s Purse is hand-crafted in Birch Harbor, ME using materials sourced in the good ol’ US of A. Don’t like the stunning array of colors we have in stock? We’ll make it custom just for you. Bold, neutral, stripes? Just pick your poison and we’re on it.

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