About Liza


 My name is Liza. I.am so excited you are here!! 


I live in down-east Maine, near Bar Harbor in a tiny town Birch Harbor. i was born in Argentina,which my father was a head master for American schools system. We moved  back to the states to a small town of Alton, New Hampshire. i grew up on a farm but was lucky because my mother was from NYC. I grew up the best of both worlds. i would cow poo on my shoes on one day, then be visiting NYC the next. one of my favorite memories is being at the opening of Windows of the World.


:i have been a hairstylist since 1980. it has been a wonderful career, i am lucky one to say i love job! i have meet some wonderful people everyday, with the goal of making them feeling wonderful by the time they leave the salon. i have own two salons in my career.



artistic nut:

i have been an artist from a young age. My mother was my inspiration. i have dabble in everything sewing, silversmith, stain glass, knitting, photography, and design. Fashion design was my passion.


i am married to Gary, a fabulous man, and raise a wonderful step daughter Abby. we have many adventures over the years. we sailed for 20 years, rode Harleys, skied and snowboard, travel all over the Caribbean.

my inspiration for POP:





Harley!! she is a Morkie, Maltese and Yorkie. She is a brilliant dog. she has a dozen tricks she does. she LOVES TV commercials especially with animated animals. Harley is a therapy dog also we visit hospitals and group homes. She travels every where with me.

 the pet owners purse and purse of pockets:

Traveling with Harley, i would be carry two bags one for her supplies and the second my purse. One day driving to work the idea of the Pet Owners Purse popped into my head! To make One purse to carry Harley's items and mine.My design skill came into play after making many many prototypes. The Pet Owners Purse was born! 

After showing POP to clients, many clients without a pet showed interest. so Purse Of Pockets was born.